Black Seed Benefits for You

Welcome to your second edition of AvitaSen Black Seed Benefits for You!

“A few years ago, my hair started deteriorating, and deteriorating quickly.”

In this edition, we’re going to hear from one of our founders, Ammona, on how she reached her ultimate hair goals. We’re each at different stages in our journey, but our goal is ultimately the
same – confidence. Because nothing quite compares to that feeling of confidence, knowing that you look and feel your absolute best.

Goal Spectrum


Where are you on the goal spectrum? How do you currently feel? How do you want to feel? How far are you from reaching your goal? What are some obstacles standing in your way?

We know firsthand what reaching your hair goals feels like and the confidence and excitement that follows. That place of confidence is the best place to be. Here’s my story.

A few years ago, my hair started deteriorating, and deteriorating quickly. It was losing its shine (the shine I’ve always loved), and getting very dry, brittle, and thin. I first thought it was stress
related and I didn’t give it much attention. My days were busy and I didn’t have time to think about my hair.

I didn’t do anything about it at first, hoping that it was temporary and would miraculously heal itself (wrong that didn’t happen). My hair had become dry, dull, brittle, and thin.

After a few months of watching the condition of my hair deteriorate, I started trying to “fix” the problem. I paid hundreds of dollars for hair treatments, bought the most expensive shampoos and conditioners, and went home feeling accomplished.

I tried treatment after treatment, shampoo after shampoo, spent countless hours and many hopeful evenings, but I wasn’t getting the results I was hoping for. To my disappointment, the natural shine that I once loved did not return and my hair was still thin and shedding, even after months of using my new products. I just wanted healthy hair again.

More time went by and my hair was still in bad shape – thin, dry, dull. I didn’t know what to do, so I stopped doing anything. At this point I was embarrassed. I tried parting it different ways so that the hair loss wasn’t as noticeable.

One day I was drinking a spoonful of black seed oil in front of a family member. “Black seed oil is also great for your hair.” I knew about black seed oil and its health benefits, it’s been a staple in our household for as long as I can remember, but I didn’t know about black seed oil for hair. So I started searching – is black seed oil good for your hair? Does black seed oil help with hair regrowth? Does black seed oil help thicken and condition hair? Does black seed oil help with shine? Google told me great things! So I got hopeful again and tried it. This time though, my hope turned into excitement when I actually saw vast improvement in the condition and health of my hair!

I saw some results pretty soon after I started using black seed oil on my hair. For example, it restored the shine after just a few uses. I saw other results after a few months of use. I was thoroughly impressed. I felt like I had stumbled upon a magical beauty secret that no one was talking about.

That’s where the idea for AvitaSen began. When we began our search for black seed oil beauty products, we found a definite void. We could not find the luxury black seed beauty products we were looking for.

With AvitaSen, we are filling that void and introducing the world to an oil that does amazing things! AvitaSen products are designed and formulated especially for you, to help reach your health and beauty goals easily. Every detail, from product formulation to the shapes of bottles for ease of use has been designed to make it easy to get healthy, beautiful hair easily, with natural, effective ingredients that work. AvitaSen products are easy to use, takes only minutes, and most importantly, effective.

It’s hard to believe that a few years ago I was embarrassed by my hair and insecure about my appearance as a result. I now use AvitaSen Black Seed Silk Hair Duo (Black Seed Silk Shampoo and Black Seed Hair Oil combo) exclusively and my hair is healthier than it has ever been in my adult life. As many people are now raving, AvitaSen has made me feel confident about my hair again, and a place of confidence is the best place to be!

Let’s start on the path to a revived, strong, confident you! Venture out into the world full force again, looking and feeling your absolute best!

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